Dear Beta Tester,

mygroundforce system version 1.02 has been released in the production environment, with the following features and updates:

  1. MMR:
    • New data import capability;
    • Digital signature was implemented in the generated PDF file — form: U.S. Monthly Maintenance Record, MGBA-355;
    • Sending MMR to different “Domicile”;
    • Generation of Exceptions for vehicles that did not have the MMR registered;
  2. Payroll Report:
    • Added the “Payment” and “Discount” options in the “Other” category to also allow the input of negative values;
  3. Employee Registry:
    • Removed the “DOT Med Card Number” field;
    • Removed the “Phone Number” field;
    • Changed the “Emergency Contacts” fields to non-mandatory;
  4. Vehicle Code:
    • Changed the field name to “Tractor Number”;
  5. Linehaul Exceptions Report:
    • Added the “Delete” option for each exception;
    • Adjusted the exception list layout for greater similarity to the Settlement report;
  6. Dashboard and Reports:
    • Added filter by “Contract ID”;
    • Added filter by “Week Ending” to “Dashboard”;
    • Grouped by “Week Ending” in “Dashboard” charts;
    • The system default now is to show the last four recorded “Week Ending”;
  7. Trademark:
    • Added the “TM” symbol next to mygroundforce brand;
  8. Customer Station:
    • Fixed “Customer Station” selection bug in dependent features;
  9. FedEx Contacts:
    • Added the “Station” field;
  10. Email Distribution List:
    • Added the “Domicile” field when selecting the “Monthly Maintenance Record – MMR” option in the “Report” field.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by sending an e-mail to We really appreciate any feedback so we can constantly improve our service to our Clients.

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