Dear Beta Tester,

mygroundforce system version 1.04 has been released in the production environment, with the following features and updates:

  1. Vehicle Registry:
    • Renamed the “Fuel Card Number” field to “TCheck Fuel Card Number”.
    • The “Tractor Number” field is now editable.
  2. Entity Registry:
    • Added the column “Status” to the list of entities indicating whether it is active or inactive in the system.
  3. Spot Flat Rate:
    • Fixed search for records by Spot Number.
  4. Payroll Report:
    • Fixed option to select all records for approval at once.
    • Disabled “Approve Report” button until one or more employees are selected for approval.
    • Fixed Spot Number validation message on Pending Payroll tab.
    • Payroll will run even if there are pending issues to be resolved. Payroll is now generated for all employees who have no pending issues. For those that have issues to resolve, the payroll can be regenerated after they are fixed.
  5. Organization Settings:
    • Added the field “Organization email” so that the address entered is copied in all emails sent by the system.
  6. Daily Plan:
    • “Import Weekly Plan” button added to import trips registered on the Weekly Plan.
  7. Weekly Plan:
    • Fixed editing and adding trips within a weekly plan.
  8. Organization/Entity:
    • The screen now automatically refreshes after changing Entities in the system.
  9. MMR:
    • Both the “Date” and “Nature / Description of Maintenance Performed” fields are now no longer required when registering and importing MMRs.
  10. Reports:
    • Fixed display of “DOT Med Expiration” report data.
    • “Fuel Usage by State” report renamed to “Fuel Purchase By State”.
    • Added “Fuel Gallons By State ” report.
  11. Notifications:
    • Added new tab “Custom”, so that the user can create custom notifications to be sent by SMS and/or email. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by sending an e-mail to We really appreciate any feedback so we can constantly improve our service to our Clients.

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