mygroundforce system version 1.05 has been released in the production environment, with the following features and updates:

  1. Vehicle Registry:
    • Vehicle Registry Report: creation of vehicle listing report for Excel and PDF download with print option also available.
    • Creation of the “TCheck Fuel Card Number Frequency” field.
    • Creation of the field “EFS/TruckSpy Fuel Card Number.
    • Creation of the “Notes” field.
  2. Employee Registry:
    • Employee Registry Report: creation of employee listing report for Excel and PDF download with print option also available.
  3. Payroll Report:
    • Buttons renamed to “Return Payroll” to return to the Payroll Report list view when accessing an employee Payroll Report in detail.
    • Creation of run’s detailed view in the Payroll Report export, with Linehaul, Spot and Shuttle trips’ sections.
    • Correction on the “Payroll Report” generation.
  4. Daily Plan:
    • Insertion of the “Indefinitely” field. For trips that are marked with this option, recurrences will be created – according to frequency – for the next 3 months, with new trips being generated after this period.
  5. Weekly Plan:
    • Fix to the Weekly Plan creation from Daily Plan records export.
    • Increased number of characters allowed in the “Run” field.
  6. Linehaul Exceptions Report:
    • Fields “Payment Amount” and “Payment Description” are no longer mandatory.
  7. Employee Category:
    • The fields on the tab “PTO Settings” are no longer mandatory.
  8. Organization Settings:
    • View of the field “Password” altered to increase credentials’ privacy.
  9. Login:
    • Creating of user access date and time log to increase mygroundforce’s safety.
  10. Dashboards:
    • Corrections to the calculation shown on the Dashboards “Revenue x Payroll Cost” and “Revenue x Labor Cost per Driver”.
    • Creation of Dashboard “Tractor Fuel Miles per Gallon by Week Ending”.
  11. Other:
    • Adjustments to the Help icons URLs to redirect users to mygroundforce Academy.
    • Improvements to errors’ notifications and messages to the registry of Pending Payroll and MMR Exceptions.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by sending an e-mail to We really appreciate any feedback so we can constantly improve our service to our Clients.

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