Dear Beta Tester,

It is a pleasure to inform you that the new mygroundforce system version 1.13 has been released in the production environment with the following features and updates:

Please note that this release includes a brand-new feature under the “Vehicles”, the Maintenance Module. Please see this section of the mygroundforce Academy for the Maintenance Module help articles.

If you are a TruckSpy customer, please enter your TruckSpy credentials on the “Organization” Tab > “Settings” – scroll down to the last section of the page. This will allow mygroundforce to receive data from TruckSpy so that you receive maintenance notifications automatically.

Note: at this stage of the integration with TruckSpy data will only flow into mygroundforce. If you need to make changes to items from TruckSpy such as Maintenance Groups or Maintenance Items, you must use TruckSpy to make those changes at this time. The changes you make there will automatically update in mygroundforce.

If you are not a TruckSpy customer, you can use mygroundforce’s Default maintenance group and maintenance items we have included to get you started and edit them as you need.


  • Size adjustment of users’ company’s logo to avoid distortions.

Dashboard – Vehicle

  • New Fuel Cost Per Mile dashboard to show the cost of fuel per mile.

Vehicles – Vehicle Registry

  • Odometer field now available in the vehicle registry.
  • New notifications to inform when vehicles’ maintenance date is coming close to maintenance schedule parameters.

Vehicles – Maintenance

  • New left-side menu option “Configurations”, where users can set the parameters of the “Scheduled Maintenance”.
  • New left-side menu option “Scheduled Maintenance”, where users can access the tabs “Scheduled Maintenance” (list), “Calendar”, and “Exceptions”
      • New Tab “Scheduled Maintenance” (list) allows users to see and filter vehicles’ maintenance items and their status.
      • New Tab “Calendar” allows users to see vehicles’ maintenance items in a Calendar or Agenda view.
      • [Only for TruckSpy Customers] New Tab “Exceptions” shows users vehicle information in mygroundforce that was not updated from TruckSpy.
      • [Only for Non-TruckSpy Customers] New Tab “Maintenance Update” allows users to update odometer and vehicles’ maintenance items’ status.

Vehicles – MMR

  • Adjustments made to only include the grid’s checkbox marked rows in the export to pdf/excel.
  • When switching pages, the checkbox marked rows on the grid from the previous page do not get lost.

Operations – Weekly Plan

  • Show the drivers’ name along with their FedEx ID number in spreadsheet “Weekly Plan For The Week”.
  • Show drivers’ name along with their FedEx ID number when adding or editing Weekly Plans.

Payroll Report

  • When the FedEx linehaul settlement shows a Spot trip with the reference value is empty, an error alert will be entered in the FedEx report, but payment will not be prevented for the driver. Users can now go in the driver payroll report to find that trip with an empty reference value and manually enter the payroll amount.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

In addition, we really appreciate your feedback so that we can continuously improve mygroundforce.

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