mygroundforce system version 1.14 has been released in the production environment, with the following features and updates:


  • Fixed the issue of the success message that appeared repeatedly at the top of the screen after creating or saving changes to an entity.

Vehicles > MMR:

  • Import the data when the description field has “quotation marks” and comma within the description cell.  
  • Create MMR even when the second question is not answered (left blank).
  • Import fix to check if a vehicle’s MMR already exists within the same period.
  • Allow the user to mark and clear the Yes or No answers to the MMR’s questions.

Vehicles > Maintenance > Scheduled Maintenance:

  • Correction in the query that shows only vehicles with near due maintenance items.
  • New “Odometer Update” tab.

Operations > Weekly Plan:

  • Changed the screen so that the “Date/Arrival Time” field allows the date to be one day after the week’s closing date for the event of trips beginning Friday and ending on Saturday – between two settlement weeks.
  • The calendar has also been changed to allow the selection of one more day of the week (only for the “Date/Arrival Time” field).

Reports > Vehicle > Non-FedEx Fuel Purchase Report:

  • Added a new fuel exceptions chart and fuel exception notifications that allow users to know when they have more than 50% refueling at FedEx locations versus non-FedEx locations.

Reports > Settlement > Settlement Report:

  • Creation of a new report that allows users to see their weekly settlements. The contents of a Settlement file are shown according to each module on different tabs: “Linehaul Trips“, “Spots“, Fuel purchase” and “Tractor Repairs/MISC“.

Reports > Payroll Report > Drivers:

  • New warning (same used today in the Weekly Plans grid) alerting users to“Uncheck Records” when they click at navigation options of the grid and has items marked.
  • Line removed when marking all items in the grid: “All 10 records on this page are selected. Select all 15 records in this list“.

Settings > Notifications > Maintenance Expiration:

    • Added two new columns: “Miles to Expiration Initial” and Miles to Expiration Final“, after the Days to Expiration Final” column.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by sending an e-mail to We really appreciate any feedback so we can constantly improve mygroundforce.

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