mygroundforce system version 1.19 has been released in the production environment, with the following features and updates:

Organization > Entity Registry

  • Entity ID now only accepts numbers.

Employees > Employees Registry

  • Social Security Number is now hidden by default.

Employees > Employees Timesheet

  • The new column “Repeat” shows users if a certain timesheet has the checkbox “Repeat for future payroll” turned on.

Vehicles > Vehicles Categories

  • Search field results’ are now fixed.

Vehicles > MMR > Review All

  • Button “Add” included.
  • Sent MMR’s can now be Re-sent.

Vehicles > MMR > Review All > Exceptions

  • Now you can create MMR’s automatically from the Exceptions’ Screen, which will auto fill some of the fields.

Vehicles > Maintenance > Scheduled Maintenance > Odometer Update

  • Fixed error when downloading Odometer Update template.

Operations > Customer Station

  • Error message when registering a customer station now adjusted to be more clear in what needs to be fixed.
  • Phone Number is no longer a mandatory field.

Reports > Payroll Report

  • On the individual drivers’ payroll report, users can now see the miles driven on each trip so that the driver knows the mileage he is being paid for.

Settings > Spot Flat Rate

  • Spots’ Flat Rate can now be updated.

Settings > Contact Registry

  • Phone number, e-mail address, and job title are no longer mandatory fields.

Settings > Extra Payments

  • Extra payments can now also be assigned to specific employees.


  • Login sessions now expire.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by sending an e-mail to

We really appreciate any feedback so we can constantly improve mygroundforce.

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