mygroundforce system version 1.21 has been released in the production environment, with the following features and updates:


  • LH PREMIUM SETTLEMENT included on Dashboards and Reports.

Organization > Organization Settings

  • The current Password field is now masked.

Employees > Employees Registry

  • The employee Registry screen now shows the current page and the number of records on each screen.

Employees > Employees Registry > Payroll Settings

  • Misspelling of the word “Percentage” fixed.
  • Added a tooltip on the field “Team Driver”.
  • Three decimal places are now allowed in the field “Hourly” for non-drivers.
  • Fixed social security number field to accept numbers starting with zero.
  • Added a new field called “Overtime (in $)” for non-drivers.

Employees > Employees Import Template

  • Validated the rule (If driver, the compliance fields are mandatory).
  • Fixed the cell validation of the hire date in the import template.

Vehicles > MMR > Review All

  • In the exceptions tab, the icon under Actions changed to a Plus sign.
  • Included a tooltip on Actions.
  • MMR PRINT – The size of MMR is now in the American page standard.

Operations > Customer Station > Import Template

  • Fixed the telephone field cell validation of the import template.

Operations > Daily Plan

  • Removed error message when the user selects a Departure date greater than that of the return leg.
  • Added a tooltip next to the departure date.
  • Users can no longer select tractors with expired maintenance on the Daily Plan.

Operations > Weekly Plan

  • Users can no longer select tractors with expired maintenance on the Weekly Plan.

Operations > Weekly Plan > Export

  • Changed weekly report period – Now the week starts on Saturday and ends on Friday.

Reports > Employee > Unregistered Employee Data

  • This new report allows users to easily filter and see employees missing Fedex ID, E-Verify, Email, Domicile, and Location on mygroundforce.

Reports > Payroll Report

  • Included the field “Reimb” (for reimbursements) in the Payroll Report, which does not include other items of the payroll and accepts multiple records.
  • The field “others” has now the ability to add multiple records.
  • Renamed Tab Label “Exceptions” to “Payroll Exceptions”.

Settings > Extra Payments > Extra Payments Registry

  • When selecting the Annual frequency “Yearly” the label “Month” has been changed to “Date”.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by sending an e-mail to 

We really appreciate any feedback so we can constantly improve mygroundforce. 

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