mygroundforce system version 1.23 has been released in the production environment, with the following features and updates:


  • The name of the current entity opened in the system is now shown on the internet browser tab.

Employees > Employee Registry

  • The year on date fields now accepts only five digits.
  • WEEKLY SALARY FOR DRIVERS! This new feature allows the user to configure a Weekly Salary for a driver on the Driver’s Payroll Settings.

Finances > Expenses Registry

  • When the user exports the report, the selected columns on the screen will be the ones that will appear in the exported document.

Reports > Payroll Report

  • On the Non-Drivers tab, the “Download template” and “Import” buttons moved to the Employees Timesheet screen (Employees > Employees Timesheet).

Reports > Vehicle Maintenance Report

  • Adjustments were made to the exported Vehicle Maintenance Report.
  • When the user opens the Vehicle Maintenance Report, it will now show only maintenance groups and maintenance items that are active.

Reports > Employee Registry Report

  • Added a new feature that allows users to choose which columns to view in the report.

Reports > Annual Vehicle Inspection Expiration

  • Users can now choose which columns to view in the report.

Settings > Extra Payment

  • When the user selects the monthly frequency on the 31st, the payment will always be made on the last day of the month.

Settings > Per Diem

  • Added a new feature that allows the user to set up a monthly or weekly Per Diem payment for a specific employee or for all employees of an employee category.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by sending an e-mail to

We really appreciate any feedback so we can constantly improve mygroundforce.

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