mygroundforce system version 1.27 has been released in the production environment, with the following features and updates:


  • Standardization of all dashboard captions and data return.

Finances > Expenses Registry

  • Adjustment of the Cost field of the Expense Registry screen to be able to accept cents.

Reports  > Payroll Report

  • New feature that allows the insertion of a footer message in Reports Generated to all people that will receive the report.

Coming Soon:

  • A Facility Directory will be added to the Customer Station module to make it easier to browse and add records.
  • All modules with the Status field will have a filter dropdown added to the grid view with the default value ACTIVE to make it easier to browse records.
  • Month by month and quarter by quarter data filters.
  • And more!

Do you wish to have an item added to this list? Send us a feature request by e-mail to

All feedback is highly appreciated so that we can constantly improve your mygroundforce experience.

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