mygroundforce system version 1.33 has been released in the production environment, with the following features and updates:

Dashboard > Fuel Profitability

  • This new dashboard shows the difference between the fuel purchase and the fuel surcharge. A net profit means your business made a profit from the fuel surcharge. A net loss means your fuel purchase amounts exceeded the fuel surcharge, meaning your company is losing profit on fuel according to the data on your FedEx Ground Line Haul Settlement.

Vehicles > MMR

Reports > Line Haul Exceptions Report

  • The number of records, pages, and current page position were added to this screen’s grid.
  • When loading the Line Haul Exceptions Report Feature, the week ending field will be filled with the date of the last week ending loaded in the system.

Reports > Settlement Report > Other Adjustments

  • Unadjusted Gross values from all past settlements have been updated to show the correct amounts.

Reports > Payroll Report > Pending Payroll

  • Changed the name of the button ‘Payroll Rerun’ to ‘Solve Payroll Exceptions’ in the Pending Payroll tab.

APPS > TruckSpy

  • New Feature that allows you to access your TruckSpy account. To setup this feature go to the ‘Organization settings’ screen, and fill in the TruckSpy user and password login. 
  • For more information, click here:

Coming Soon:

  • Profitability by tractor.
  • Maintenance Work Order Feature.
  • And more!

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All feedback is highly appreciated so that we can constantly improve your mygroundforce experience.

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