mygroundforce system versions 1.34 and 1.35 have been released in the production environment with the following features and updates:

Organization > Organization Settings

  • Now in the organization settings screen, it is possible to select whether or not to receive a copy of all emails from the mygroundforce system related to the selected Organization.

Settings > Extra Payment

  • Added a new Extra Payments frequency type (Repeat One Time).

Reports > Payroll Report

  • When clicking on the content of the Extra Payment or Per Diem column in the Payroll Report, the system will now open a modal containing the items already registered by the Extra Payment module (scheduled from the Extra Payment module in Settings) and also the items registered directly in the report grid (added manually).
  • When exporting the driver’s trip data, the columns will automatically be sorted by trip date in the payroll report.

Settings > Notifications > Custom

  • When creating or editing notifications, the message field allows users to type up to 300 characters.

Apps > TruckSpy

  • For companies using mygroundforce’s integration with TruckSpy, for each fuel card transaction in TruckSpy, mygroundforce will create a registry in the Finance module.

Coming Soon:

  • Profitability by tractor.
  • Maintenance Work Order Feature.
  • And more!

Do you wish to have an item added to this list? Please send us your feature request by email to

All feedback is highly appreciated so that we can constantly improve your mygroundforce experience.

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