mygroundforce™ is gaining global recognition for the very advanced application of hyper automation technologies in FedEx Ground Line Haul businesses like yours. I was recently a guest on the internationally known podcast: Bots & Thoughts: The Hyperautomation Podcast!


Watch/Listen to hear what hyper automation industry experts say about how we are automating line haul business processes!

📹 Watch the episode here: Turn $20k into $250k Every Year using IBM RPA with Tim Goff – YouTube

This episode of Bots & Thoughts dives into how mygroundforce ™ has helped automate the middle/back office work for FedEx Ground Line Haul Contractors.

“From the standpoint of what automation is done for me, it’s certainly saved me tons of money, there’s no question about that. But what it has also done, is it has improved my quality of life. A whole bunch of time that I used to spend grinding on numbers to get some information that I needed to run my business, I can now choose how I spend that time can I. And and some of that time is spent on improving my quality of life. So I would encourage senior leaders to understand that You’re not just automating minutes and re-purposing employees…You’re also maximizing the value of your time.” -Tim Goff.

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