mygroundforce was founded by a US Veteran with broad business experience to help Linehaul contractors of all sizes better manage their company, improve performance, grow profit margin, and increase enterprise value.

Tim Goff, Founder and CEO of mygroundforce, is a Linehaul Contractor operating over 50 tractors in 7 different stations. A Naval Academy grad and former Navy combat pilot, he subsequently spent 25 years in senior roles in both Fortune 500 companies and high-tech start-ups.

Like you, he found a lack of business management tools customized for the Linehaul business was an impediment to profit margin, revenue growth and enterprise value. So, he decided to build a solution. Several contractors provided key input on features and requirements. The result is an intuitive, comprehensive, powerful cloud-based business management solution customized specifically for your business.

mygroundforce delivers huge value to all TSPs, large and small alike. lt will ease the myriad burdens of owning a LH business. lt will make you a better and more profitable contractor. Tim is using it in his own business. You should too.

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