mygroundforce™ participated in the 2022 Line haul Summit, featuring a booth, speaker panel with its founder and branded souvenirs for visitors.

The 2022 Line haul Summit was the first event dedicated to FedEx Ground Line Haul contractors.  Entrepreneurs and other executives in this sector got a chance to participate in best practice educational lectures, meet partners and fellow contractors and visit key suppliers. The event took place on July 21st and 22nd, at the Irving Convention Center, in Irving Texas and was attended by more than 700 visitors and 39 exhibitors. 

Tim Goff, Founder/CEO of mygroundforce, is also a Founder of the Line Haul Summit Company.  He participated as a panelist in 3 educational sessions and gave a detailed briefing on the mygroundforce solution.  He explained how to leverage world class automation to dramatically improve your business.  You don’t have to be a technical expert.  The system is easy to use.  Just let the robots do the work.

mygroundforce™ is a product of GForce Software, Inc.  mygroundforce™ is a business automation software for FXG line Haul contractors.  Let us help you preserve your most important company resource:  TIME, especially the time of the owner.  Let our technology do the work so that you can work ON your business not IN your business.

Here are some glimpses into the Line Haul Summit.  It was a huge success!!

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